RESONANCE is an online peer-reviewed journal that offers graduate students a forum to explore critical issues within the field of religion. RESONANCE is uniquely poised to bring a critical and focused expertise to the academic study of religion by offering a platform to digitally publish and discuss articles, ideas, and issues, in addition to having a yearly electronic journal.

RESONANCE has a yearly theme that corresponds with The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s annual Religious Studies Graduate Student Conference. Those who are accepted to give presentations at the conference will have the opportunity to have their full-length academic articles peer-reviewed and published in our annual online journal, which will be published annually in September.

The 2016-2017 theme for RESONANCE is “Religion and Power” which challenges students to seek for ways religion and power intersect both modernly and/or historically. This theme will continue until May 2017, at which point the theme for the 2017-2018 theme will be announced. 

In addition to having an annual online journal, RESONANCE also accepts article submissions on a regular basis to be spotlighted on ResonanceRSJ.org. The articles selected for our website have the opportunity to be discussed through an online forum that is in connection with each spotlight. The goal of this space is for scholars of religion to engage in an academic examination of the article’s concepts.

As well as articles, RESONANCE also contains a book and film review section, which may include review articles and shorter notes as well as normal-length reviews.

All submissions to RESONANCE are blindly peer-reviewed.